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HONDA Hisayoshi

HONDA Hisayoshi
HONDA, Hisayoshi
Affiliation and course name
Mechanical Engineering and Robotics Course
Bachelor of engineering
Research field
Reproduction of Chasing Technology with Applied 6-axis Control Machining
Research keywords
Chasing, Reproduction, KERIBORI,KEBORI, 6-Axis control machining center, Non-rotational Pneumatic Tool

Research theme

Various fine patterns by chasing were sculptured to a copper plate by a non-rotational cutting tool using a 5-axis machining center. The 6th axis control was installed for rotation control of the spindle in the machining center.  Non-rotational pneumatic chasing tool was developed, for the traditional “KERIBORI” and “KEBORI” technique using the 6-axis machining center is reported. The most suitable processing conditions using an non-rotational pneumatic chasing tool is evaluated.

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