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Faculty of Advanced Science and Technology


MA Qing

MA Qing
MA, Qing
Affiliation and course name
Applied Mathematics and Informatics Course
Dr. Eng.
Research field
Natural Language Processing
Research keywords
distributed representaion; support techonology/system; web-based IT; suitable retrieval term; relevant/surrounding words

Research theme

Natural language processing (NLP) is an interdisciplinary field of computer science and linguistics concerned with how to enable computers to handle human language. We are actively involved in a wide variety of research projects. These range from basic NLP technologies, such as those that acquire distributed representation of words/phrases in contexts, to real-world NLP applications, such as the support technologies to promote Web-based IT utilization, e.g., the systems for search engine users that show suitable retrieval term candidates when clues such as their descriptive texts or relevant (or surrounding) words are given by the users.

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