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Faculty of Advanced Science and Technology


KOGA Tsutomu

KOGA Tsutomu
KOGA, Tsutomu
Affiliation and course name
Mechanical Engineering and Robotics Course
Dr. Linguistics
Research field
Motivation, Willingness to communicate, Second language acquisition
Research keywords
Motivation, Willingness to communicate, Communication confidence, Individual difference variables, SLA

Research theme

Motivation plays a crucially important role in learning. Two types of motivation are proposed: intrinsic motivation referring to one’s motive caused by enjoyment and satisfaction, and extrinsic motivation representing one’s motive elicited by external factors such as rewards and punishments. Intrinsically motivated learners possess higher willingness to communicate with others in English whenever they find opportunities. My research interests are related to how to promote learners’ motivational and communication variables required to be a successful language learner and user.

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