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Faculty of Advanced Science and Technology


OKUDA Tetsuji

OKUDA Tetsuji
OKUDA, Tetsuji
Affiliation and course name
Ecology and Environmental Engineering Course
Dr. Eng.
Research field
Applied chemistry, Chemical engineering, Environmental technology
Research keywords
Behavior, Treatment, Waste, Water

Research theme

Waste (include wastewater) should become zero in the future. In our laboratory, the treatment technology and recycling technology of wastewater and waste are investigated. Not only the developments of technology, but also developments of management method and system are also studied.
For wastewater treatment, the application of membrane filtration, coagulation, nano-bubble technology have been studied, and the utilization of these technologies for drinking water treatment has been tried. For waste treatment, magnetic separation technology for polluted soil and the evaluation of environmental impacts of steelmaking slag, etc. have been studied.

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