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KOBORI Satoshi

KOBORI Satoshi
KOBORI, Satoshi
Affiliation and course name
Electronics,Information and Communication Engineering Course
Dr. Eng.
Research field
Biomedical Engineering and Cognitive Science
Research keywords
human cognitive processes; perception and motion; memory and learning; problem solving; psychological experiments; computational model

Research theme

My current research interests are in human cognitive processes—such as perception and motion; memory and learning; and problem solving—and in models based on them. I am also interested in their application to artificial intelligence, human interface, ergonomics, and rehabilitation engineering. I have conducted a number of research projects with rehabilitation therapists. I have also investigated human cognitive processes using several experimental tasks, such as visual illusions, body weight shifting, button pressing, manual tracking, maze searching, a solitaire game, and musical performance. I have been conducting psychological experiments, analyzing the data, and building computational models.

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