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KIMURA Mutsumi

KIMURA Mutsumi
KIMURA, Mutsumi
Affiliation and course name
Electronics,Information and Communication Engineering Course
Ph. D. (Engineering) / Ph. D. (Science)
Research field
Research and Development of Thin-Film Devices, Sensors, and Neuromorphic Systems
Research keywords
Thin-film device, Amorphous Metal-oxide semiconductor, Sensor, Neuromorphic System, Neural network, Artificial intelligence

Research theme

Semiconductor thin-film devices have been widely utilized for flat-panel displays (FPDs), such as liquid-crystal displays(LCDs), and organic light-emitting diode displays. In particular, exotic materials such as amorphous metal-oxide semiconductors have been recently developed for channel regions of the semiconductor thin-film devices to realize the next generation of electronics. Hence, we are investigating advanced methods for characteristic analysis of these devices, to evaluate them and to support their research and development. Moreover, there is a continual expectation that novel applications using thin-film devices will provide opportunities for their further commercialization. We are therefore proposing novel applications using thin-film devices, such as a temperature sensor, a magnetic-field sensor, a chemical sensor, a photosensor, an artificial retina, and a neuromorphic systems. The artificial retina is a particularly promising application that uses thin-film devices implanted into human eyeballs to help blind people recover their eyesight. The neuromorphic systems is promising for an artificial intelligence with super-compact size and ultra-low power consumption.

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